Company Profile
CEINSA is a firm specialising in Remuneration Consultancy and Salary Surveys, member of the RH ASESORES consulting group.

CEINSA holds the representation for Spain of the European Compensation Network (ECN) and as such, contributes data to Pan-European studies and collaborates on international consulting projects on remuneration issues.

Remuneration Audits.
Competencies and Performance Appraisal and Management.
Job Pricing.
Integrated Remuneration Model: Job, Competencies and Objectives.
Design of Variable Remuneration Systems.
National and International Publications on Remuneration and Personnel Policies.
Job Description and Evaluation.

Strategic Approach
In our approach, remuneration is a management tool which must be integrated into human resources policy and matched to the company's strategic objectives.
Custom Designs
We advocate designs suited to the specific characteristics, objectives and needs of each company and avoid the use of standard formulas.
Flexible Models
Our models can be parametrised by the user to personalise the design and adapt it to their needs. The Job Evaluation can also be modified by varying the content of the factors and adjusting their relative weight and progression.
Open Systems
We provide the client with tools, documentation and training needed to manage the proposed system without creating a forced dependent relationship with the consultant.
Computer Support
We build our systems preferably with spreadsheets or databases to maximise the advantages offered by modern information tools.
Advanced Technology
As a member of the European Compensation Network and other international forums, we continually follow up the latest developments and trends in the most advanced countries.
Market Awareness
Our remuneration databank is the broadest and most complete of its type in Spain. We have information on 500 companies which we update each year through the use of various questionnaires and surveys.

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