The world used to be like a baseball game, rather long and often respecting the rules between the contenders. Nowadays however your opponent, the market, can replace you anytime. And it could be suddenly, specially if the change has been disruptive.

For many years, companies have behaved as if they were something almost fixed. However nowadays, they can not remain in what they already know, they must learn new ways of working. It is time to be faster and more agile in to survive. The health of your company is at stake.

So what can we do for you? We can help you improve loyalty and motivation of your employees as a crucial aspect, advising you in:

  • COMPENSATION: All valuable payment or benefit that the collaborators obtain from the company.
  • ORGANIZATION: It is all about searching for the best structuturation, coordination and leadership  to be focused in the really important.
  • TALENT: All about the development and motivation of the collaborators and employees to increase their contribution and engagement.

Compensation Consultancy

Let’s talk about your compensation requirements

Organization Consultancy

More agile organizations

Defining, reviewing and optimizing jobs has always been relevant. Now that the changes are so fast, being trained becomes strategic.

A better structure to optimize and also to motivate

We review your organizational structure to optimize interrelations, improve customer orientation and take advantage of synergies. Listening to people and watching over the company's strategy.

Do you know what makes you a healthy organization?

A healthy organization is one where the bests want to work. We help you to analyze the health status of your company and develop plans to improve it.

May we help you improving your organization?

Talent Consultancy

Let´s enhance the talent within your organization

“CEINSA has worked with us in the analysis of profiles and in the improvement of the remuneration policy. They have a great team, with a lot of experience and they have been able to help us despite our diversity of services and businesses”

Cristina Nieva

People Manager. Fundación Juan XXIII Roncalli

CEINSA, commited to the health of your organization

Organization, Compensation and Talent for healthy organizations


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