About us

In CEINSA we are specialized consultants in the strategic and operational management of the three areas of people management: Organization, Compensation and Talent. Since 1994 we develop projects in companies of different sizes and economic sectors advising and implementing human resources policies, through audits, model definition, training, etc. Our consulting area is developed based on two main pillars for the development of our projects: our Salary Research Center and our HRM software, ONpeople, designed by expert consultants.

We celebrate our 25th anniversary

It’s been 25 years since Manuel Osorio created CEINSA. And seems that time passed very fast!  His vocation for service led him to complete salary studies and compensation advisory projects, with international alliances to provide information from other countries to the companies that requested it and with a software that began being for helping that internal work.


This software evolved, due to customer requests, to a complete technological solution for human resources management. A path in which many people from CEINSA gave it all.

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 25 Aniversario de CEINSA.


Our people

A multidisciplinary team in which everyone, from their position, contributes to the success of our clients.

HR Consultants department

They advise from experience. A combination of seniority and freshness so that dynamism and innovation continue to be present in a consolidated structure.

IT department

Experts in Human Resources experts as well as in computers software Technology. Thanks to that hey give an excellent customer service. And if there is custom software development, they understand very well what are the customers needs.

Sales and Marketing department

Experienced sales and marketing team specialized in our different services. They are also every day in contact with many human resources managers from different companies and organizations. And always willing to fullfill the needs of our customers.

Administration and Technical support departments

Without them, the other department’s work would be very difficult. Their function is to facilitate the context so that the rest of the departments can dedicate themselves to what they have to do.

Our mission is to provide you with expert

Helping you to attract, develop and maintain the talent you need, the people who drive and believe in your project, so that you build a healthy organization, with the required energy and balance to face present and future challenges.

Our successful track record and long experience in human resources consultancy provide us with the technical and human expertise to accompany you both in the strategic reflections and in the operational projects.

And we have the ideal software for the management of your Human Capital.

“The truth is that I have been collaborating with CEINSA more than 17 years and it has always been a pleasure to have professional experts in the management of people, efficient and with a high vocation of service such as that of the entire team of CEINSA.”

Laura Guimerá

People Manager. Laboratorios Inibsa

CEINSA, committed to the health of your organization

Organization, Compensation and Talent for healthy organizations


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